Book a Hotel

Hotel Name Category Single Double Distance to Adlux
Vazhappilly Residency 4 star Rs.2700 Rs.3000 2 kms Free Hotel Venue Transfer
Sreevalsam Hotel 3 star Rs.2800 Rs.2800 12 kms
kallelys Park Inn 4 star Rs.2900 Rs.3200 11 kms
Palace Inn (Non A/c) 2 star Rs.1650 Rs.1750 10 kms
Palace Inn (A/c) 2 star Rs.2650 Rs.2800 10 kms
Saj Earth Resort 5 star Rs.3900 Rs.3900 11 kms
Hotel Elite Palazzo 3 star Rs.2700 Rs.2900 6 kms
Hotel Gee Bee Palace 3 star Rs.2400 Rs.2900 7 kms
Golf View Hotel & Suites 3 star Rs.2900 Rs.3200 13 kms
Hotel Sara 3 star Rs.2900 Rs.2900 8 kms
Hotel Clay House 4 star Rs.2650 Rs.2650 9 kms
Flora Airport hotel 4 star Rs.4200 Rs.4500 11 kms
Quality Airport Hotel 3 star Rs.2700 Rs.2900 11 kms
The Chettungal hotel ( Non A/c)* 2 star Rs.1200 Rs.1500 7 kms
The Chettungal hotel (A/c)* 2 star Rs.1600 Rs.2100 7 kms
Meadows International (Non A/c) 3 star Rs.2400 Rs.2400 13 kms
Meadows International (A/c) 3 star Rs.2800 Rs.2800 13 kms
Atlas Airport Hotel 3 star Rs.2900 Rs.3250 11 kms
The Surya 3 star Rs.2200 Rs.2600 11 kms
Koluvan's ANNA RESIDENCY * 1 star Rs.1400 Rs.1400 12 kms
Koluvan's ANNA RESIDENCY * 1 star Rs.2250 Rs.2250 12 kms
EBENEZER PLAZA ( Non A/c) 2 star Rs.1350 Rs.1750 12 kms
EBENEZER PLAZA (A/c) 2 star Rs.2200 Rs.2550 12 kms
  1. Complimentary Breakfast will be provided in all Hotels except the one which is starred.
  2. Booking will be confirmed by Voyages Kerala the official travel partner of 46th dairy Industry Conference.
  3. Delegates staying in the above hotels will be provided to and fro transportation facilities to the convention center by the organizers.
  4. Group pick up on arrival can be arranged from Alwaye railway station.
  5. Daily trips, pre and post tours are available, for more details and advance booking please click here

Cancellation Terms & conditions

  1. Cancellation before 30 days , will be fully refundable
  2. Cancellation before 15 days , will be 50% of the total amount.
  3. Cancellation within 15 days, no refund.
If any further clarifications please feel free to contact 9387066804.